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Puddings & Sweets

Woodwork teacher Bill Fry hands plates of rice pudding to evacuee (and table monitor) Victor Carr, in the dining hall at Marchant's Hill School, Hindhead.
Image: Ministry of Information

AlmaEgg SpongeCurrantsSugar only
Aunt Nelly'sSuet SpongeTreacle, lemon, candied peelCustard &c
Bachelor'sBreadcrumbDried fruit and chopped appleCustard &c
BarfordEgg & Suet SpongeRaisins and nutmegCustard &c
BaronessSuet SpongeSpit raisinsSugar only
Belvoir HouseEgg SpongeGlacé cherries, angelica, rum (or sherry) and coffeeSherry cream
BerkeleyEgg & Suet SpongeCinnamon, mace, nutmeg, lemon peelRum custard
Black-CapSuet SpongeCurrant or blackberry upside-downCustard &c
Boiled BreadBread scraps & eggCurrants and nutmegCustard &c
Boiled CurrantSuet SpongeCurrantsCustard &c
Boiled GooseberrySuet Paste PieGooseberriesCustard &c
BolsterSuet Sponge, long round formAny fruitCustard &c
Brown GeorgeSuet SpongeGinger and Golden SyrupSyrup or Custard
CambridgeSuet SpongeDates, dried fruit and rosewaterWine and butter sauce
CanaryBread or cake scraps in custardCherriesCustard &c
CanterburyEgg SpongeLemon and brandyCustard &c
CheltenhamSuet SpongeGinger, middle layer of fruitCustard &c
Cinnamon SpongeEgg SpongePowdered cinnamon mixed-inCustard &c
CumberlandEgg SpongeApple, currants, nutmeg and treacleCustard &c
Duke of Buckingham'sSuet SpongeRaisins, nutmeg and gingerWine and butter sauce
EdenEgg SpongeCurrants and lemonLemon butter
Eve'sEgg SpongeChopped apple, currants and citrus peel.Custard &c
Exeter DickSuet SpongeAs spotted dickSherry
GingerSuet SpongeGingerCustard &c
GlastonburyEgg SpongeApricot, apple and lemonCustard &c
GoldenSuet SpongeMarmalade mixed-inCustard &c
GothamSuet SpongeCandied peelSugar only
Half-PaySuet SpongeDried fruit and treacleCustard &c
HelstonEgg SpongeCurrants, sultanas, peel and nutmegCustard &c
HerefordshireBaked Suet SpongeApple and currantsCustard &c
HillwoodEgg SpongeChopped prunes and gingerCustard &c
HoneySuet SpongeHoneyCustard &c
Hunter'sSuet SpongeCandied peel, lemon and almondCustard &c
Hunting PuddingSuet SpongeDried fruit, lemon peel, cream, brandyButter Sauce
HuntingdonSuet SpongeGooseberriesCustard &c
Kentish WellSuet Sponge CasingCurrants and butterCustard &c
LeicestershireSuet SpongeRaisins, peel, nutmeg, brandyCustard &c
LincolnshireSuet SpongeRaisins, currants, grated potato & carrots, sweet spicesCustard &c
Lord Barrington'sSuet SpongeRaisins, currants, nutmegCustard &c
Miller'sSuet SpongeUpside down, with marmaladeCustard &c
MilitarySuet SpongeGrated lemonLemon Sauce
NorthamptonshireUpside-down egg spongeRed jamCustard &c
OmnibusSuet SpongeRaisins, treacle and grated carrotCustard &c
ParadiseSuet SpongeApple, currants, nutmeg, lemon and brandyCustard &c
Pear and GingerUpside-downSliced pear and gingerCustard &c
Plum DuffSuet SpongeRaisins, currants, spices (very heavy)Custard &c
PortlandEgg SpongeDried fruit and candied peelCustard &c
Prince Albert'sEgg SpongeRaisins, peel, maceMadeira
Prince of Wales'Suet SpongeSpices, citrus and chopped appleWine Sauce
RhubarbSuet SpongeRhubarbCustard &c
RochesterSponge Upside-downRed jamCustard &c
ShelfordSuet SpongeLemon peel and raisinsCustard &c
Sir Charles Rowley'sSuet SpongeRaisinsCustard &c
Sir Robert Walpole'sSuet SpongeCurrants, orange, citron, cinnamon, sugar,Custard &c
Sir Watkin'sEgg SpongeCitrus and brandyMarmalade
SomersetshiresEgg SpongeLemon rind, bitter almonds and vanillaCustard &c
Speech HouseEgg SpongePlain, no flavouringsJam sauce
Spotted DickSuet SpongePlump sultanas or currants, cinnamonCustard &c
St AgnesBreadcrumbLemon and brandyCustard &c
Sticky ToffeeEgg SpongeChopped dates and vanillaToffee sauce
Sussex PondSuet Sponge CasingA whole fruit (apple, lemon) in butter & SugarOwn sauce
VicarageSuet SpongeCurrants, raisins and gingerCustard &c
WindsorSuet SpongeChopped apple, lemon and nutmegCustard &c

Alma Pudding, Almond Pudding, Almond Puffs, Apple and Pear Crumble, Apple and Rice Meringue, Apple Charlotte, Apple Cobs, Apple Cracknel, Apple Dumplings, Apple Dumplings, Apple Meringue, Apple Snow, Apple Snowballs, Apricot Bread Pudding, Apricot Custard, Aunt Nelly's Pudding, Autumn Pudding, Bachelor's Pudding, Baked Apples, Baked Bread Pudding, Baked Raisin Pudding, Baked Rice Custard, Banana Bread and Butter Pudding, Banana Custard, Barnstaple Fair Pears, Baroness Pudding, Batter and Fruit Pudding, Batter Pudding, Belvoir House Pudding, Berkeley Pudding, Biscuit Pudding, Black-Cap Pudding (1), Black-Cap Pudding (2), Blackberry and Apple Pudding, Blackberry Cobbler, Blackberry Roll, Blackeyed Susan, Blanket Sweet Pudding, Boiled Bread Pudding, Boiled Currant Pudding, Boiled Gooseberry Pudding, Bolster, Boodle's Fool, Bread and Butter Pudding, Bread and Milk, Bread and Suet Dumplings, Bread Fritters, Bread Pudding, Brown Betty, Brown George Pudding, Burnley Fig (or Fag) Pie, Buttered Apples, Buxton Pudding, Cabinet or Chancellor's Pudding, Canary Pudding, Canterbury Pudding, Caramel Rice Pudding, Castle Pudding, Cheltenham Pudding, Cherries Hot, Chester Pudding (1), Chichester Pudding, Chilled Blackberry Snow, Chocolate Fudge Pudding, Chocolate Pudding, Christmas Pudding, Christmas Trifle, Colchester Pudding, Cold Pudding, College Pudding, Coniston Pudding, Crumble, Crundle Pudding (or Crundle Pie), Crystal Palace Pudding, Cumberland Pudding, Curate's Pudding, Currant Dumplings, Custard, Damson and Apple Tansy, Damson Cream, Damson Fool, Damson Snow, Delhi Pudding, Deptford Pudding, Derby Batter Pudding, Dorset Cream Toast, Duff, Duffield Pudding, Duke of Cambridge Pudding, Eden Pudding, Egg Custard, Enna's Rice Pudding, Eve's Pudding Cake, Emergency Pudding, Fruit Layer Pudding, Exeter Pudding, Exeter Dick, Fig Pudding, Figgy Apples, Figgy Pudding, Fill Belly Pudding, Flummery, Fruit Cobbler, Galley Dumplings, Ginger Pudding, Glastonbury Pudding, Golden Pudding, Gooseberry Crumble, Gooseberry Custard, Gooseberry Ring, Gotham Pudding, Ground Rice Pudding, Ground Rice Custard, Half-Pay Pudding, Hard Dick, Harvest Pudding, Hasty Pudding, Helston Pudding, Hereford Apple Dumplings, Herefordshire Pudding, Honey Pudding, Honey Spice Pudding, Hunter's Pudding, Huntingdon Pudding, Ipswich Almond Pudding, Kentish Cherry Batter Pudding, Kentish Well Pudding, Lady Hornby's Souffle, Leamington Pudding, Leicestershire Pudding, Lemon (or Orange) Pudding, Lemon Dumplings, Lincolnshire Carrot Pudding, Lord Barrington's Plum Pudding, Macaroni Pudding, Malmesbury Pudding, Mansfield Pudding, Marmalade Bread and Butter Pudding, Marmalade Pudding, Midsummer Pudding, Military Pudding, Miller's Marmalade Pudding, Monday Pudding, Monmouth Pudding, Moonshine Pudding, New College Pudding, Newcastle Pudding, Newent Apple Cobs, Newmarket Pudding, Norfolk Pudding, Northamptonshire Pudding, Norwood Pudding, Osborne Pudding, Paradise Pudding, Patterdale Pudding, Pear and Ginger Upside-down Pudding, Pear Sponge, Pear Trifle, Peggy's Pudding, Plum and Apple Dumpling, Plum and Pear Cobbler, Plum Duff, Plum Mould, Plum Pudding, Poached Pears, Poke Pudding, Potato Duff, Poor Knights of Windsor, Prince Albert's Pudding, Prince of Wales' Pudding, Queen of Puddings, Railway Pudding, Raisin Roly-Poly, Raspberry Bread Pudding, Raspberry Crumble, Rhubarb and Orange Crumble, Rhubarb Crumble, Rhubarb Pudding, Rice Pudding, Roly-Poly or Rolies, Sago Pudding, Sally Lunn Pudding, Semolina Pudding, Shoeburyness Pudding, Shropshire Pudding, Sir Charles Rowley's Plum Pudding, Sir Robert Walpole's Dumplings, Sir Watkin William Wynne's Pudding, Somersetshire Puddings, Speech House Pudding, Spotted Dick, Staffordshire Fig Pudding, Sticky Toffee Pudding, Stir-in Pudding, Strawberry Fool, Suffolk Almond Pudding, Suffolk Trifle, Sussex Plum Duffs, Sussex Pond Pudding, Sussex Pudding, Sutherland or Castle Puddings, Syrup Roll, Table Jelly, Tapioca Pudding, Tasty Batter Pudding, Teacake Pudding, Tipsy Cake Pudding, Tiverton Batter Pudding, Treacle or Syrup Upside-Down Pudding, Treacle Pudding, Vectis Pudding or Vectis Roll, Vicarage Pudding, Wet Nelly, White Ladies Pudding, Winter Pudding, Wootton Pudding, Yeomanry Pudding, Puddle Pudding

HISTORIC:, Apple and Paste Pudding, Apple Black Caps, Balloon Pudding, Barford Pudding, Bath Pudding, Beastings Pudding, Boiled Custard Pudding, Bread and Rice Pudding, Brown Bread Pudding, Bryndons, Calves-foot Pudding, Cambridge Pudding, Cheshire Pudding, Cider Meat, Coddled Pippins, Cold Lard, Curd Pudding, Curd Puffs, Dripping Pudding, Duke of Buckingham's Pudding, Dunch Dumpling, Elegant Economist's Pudding, Eve's Pudding, Everton Pudding, Figgie-dowdie, George Pudding, Hunting Pudding, Lady Mary Lowther's Pudding, Lent Potatoes, Millet Pudding, Muffin Pudding, Nelson Ball Pudding, Norfolk Biffins, Northumberland Pudding, Oatmeal Fritters, Oatmeal Pudding (1), Oatmeal Pudding (2), Oatmeal Pudding (3), Oatmeal Pudding (4), Omnibus Pudding, Oxford Dumplins, Paste Pudding, Plum Porridge, Portland Pudding, Potato Pudding, Rice Cream, Rice Pottage, Rochester Pudding, Royal Coburg Pudding, Rum Dog, Sack Dumplins, Sack Pudding, Sagoo Gruel, Scalding Pudding, Shelford Pudding, St Agnes Pudding, Sussex Pancake, Sweet White Pudding, Tea-Cup Bread-pudding, Whitepot, Windsor Pudding, Young England Pudding, Coriander Dowdy, Dowdy (or Pandowdy), Hollygog or Ollygog Pudding, Malvern Pudding, Pateley Fritters, Taffety-Tart, Treacle Dowdy, Uppey Pudding

Apple and Custard, Apple Fool, Apple Fritters (2), Apple Trifle, Apples in Red Jelly, Apricot and Rice Pudding, Apricot Cream, Baked Apple Custard, Banoffee Pie, Blancmange, Bread Jelly, Brown Bread Cream, Brown Bread Ice Cream, Burnt Cream, or Cambridge or Trinity Cream, Cherries Jubilee, Chocolate Custard Pudding, Christmas Pudding Ice Cream, Cider Baked Pears, Cornish Burnt Cream, Cowes Pudding, Damask Cream, Dean's Cream, Derby Pudding, Eton Mess, Fruit Compote, Fruit Fool, Fruit Salad, Ginger Apples, Ginger Cream, Gooseberry Fool, Haworth Cream, Her Majesty's Pudding, Ice Cream, Ice Cream Cornet, Iced Rice Pudding, Kentish Fritters, Kentish Fruit Batter, Knickerbocker Glory, Lemon Haze, Lemon Meringue Pie, Lord John Russell's Pudding, Lord Mayor's Trifle, Ninety-Nine, Nottingham Batter Pudding, Nottingham Pudding, Old-Fashioned Boiled Custard, Orange Salad, Oxford and Cambridge Pudding, Oxford Pudding, Oxford Rice Pudding, Peach Fool, Pear and Berry Fool, Pineapple Fritters, Potato Cheesecake, Red Berry Fool, Sandown Pudding, Stilton Pears, Strawberries and Cream, Strawberry Salad, Summer Pudding, Tea Cream, Three Decker, Tipsy D'Arcy Spice Apples, Tipsy Squire, Tipsy Trifle, Trifle, Yorkshire Apple Cake
HISTORIC:, Adelaide Pudding, Albion Pudding, Almond Butter, Almond Cream, Apple Fritters (1), Apple Fritters (3), Apple Hedge-Hog, Apple Tansey, Appulmoy, Bennets, Bottle-Bird, Bread Cheesecakes, Chesterfield Pudding, Chireseye, Codlin Cream, Cream Buyle, Devon Syllabub, Duke's Custard, Essex Pudding, Fisher, Floating Islands, Gaylede, Hastlete, Leatch, Nesselrode Pudding, Piramidis Cream, Quaking Pudding, Quince Cream, Rhubarb Fritters, Rosee or Roseye, Sack Posset, Sambocade, Sir Walter Scott's Wassail Bowl, Spinee, Stone Cream, Thorpe Pudding, Trifle - Old Type, Water Pudding, White Stuffe of Cream, Whim-Wham

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