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Gooseberry Ring


Any of several versions of a formed ring of custard or cake, filled with gooseberry puree.

Semolina Gooseberry Ring
Image: Alex Bray...

This version, from 1939 uses a sponge-cake ring and aonother from the British Food Trust uses a circle of semolina custard. Other known version use a ring of cake mixture with the goosberries mixed-in.

Original Receipt from 'Cheltenham Chronicle' - Saturday 05 August 1939

Gooseberry Ring Cook two pounds of topped and tailed gooseberries till tender with half a pint of water and four tablespoonfuls of sugar. Strain off the syrup and measure it. Split a sponge ring in half and place m a glass oven dish - Cover it with the cooked gooseberries and press the Other half of the ring on top. If the ring is stale pour some of the juice on top. Beat up two eggs and mix with the rest of the syrup. Make up to three quarters of a pint if necessary. Turn the egg and syrup mixture into the dish with the gooseberries, etc., and bake gently for half an hour. Leave till cold. Decorate the centre of the ring with a few gooseberries, cooked whole and serve cold with cream.

Original Receipt from British Food Trust

Gooseberry Ring
Serves: 4

475 ml Milk (3/4 pint)
50 Gram Semolina (2 oz)
40 Gram Caster sugar (1 ½ oz)
1 Lemon, zest only
2 Eggs, separated
425 Gram Gooseberries (15 oz)

Heat the milk, sprinkle in semolina and simmer until thick, add the sugar and lemon zest. Cool, stir in the egg yolks.
Poach the gooseberries in water. Reserve a few for decoration and puree the remainder.
Whisk the egg whites until stiff, fold into the semolina with the gooseberry puree. Pour into a wetted ring mould. Chill and serve with the centre filled with the remaining gooseberries.

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