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Bread Fritters


Batter of breadcrumbs, milk and fruit, fried (Walsh 1859)

Original Receipt from 'The English Cookery Book' edited by JH Walsh Walsh 1859;

Bread Fritters.
9S5. Pick, wash, and dry half a pound of Zante currants, and. having spread them out on a flat dish, dredge them well with flour. Grate some bread into a pan till you have a pint of crumbs. Pour over the grated bread a pint of boiling milk, in which has been stirred, as soon as taken from the fire, a piece of fresh butter the size of an egg. Cover the pan, and let it stand an hour. Then beat it hard, and add nutmeg and a quarter of a pound of powdered white sugar, stirred in gradually, and two table-spoonfuls of the best brandy. Beat six eggs till very light, and then stir them by degrees into the mixture. Lastly, add the currants, a few at a time; and beat the whole very hard. It should be a thick batter. If it turns out too thin, add a little flour. Have ready over the fire a hot frying-pan with boiling lard. Put in the batter in large spoonfuls (so as not to touch), and fry the fritters a light brown. Drain them on a perforated skimmer, or an inverted sieve placed in a deep pan, and send them to table hot. Serve them with wine and powdered sugar.

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