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Bacon and Beans, Beef with Chestnuts, Beery Beef, Blind Scouse, Bolton Hotpot, Black Pot Christmas Dinner, Braised Beef and Mushrooms, Cabbage and Pork, Chiddingly Hot Pot, Corned Beef Hash, Cotswold Rabbit Pie, Devonshire Stew, Exeter Stew, Exmoor Pot, Groaty Dick, Hampshire Goose, Hash, Kidney and Sausage Pot, Lamb's Tail Pie, Lancashire Hotpot, Liver and Bacon, Lobby, Long Puddle Lamb, Market Day Stew, Mulligatawny Stew, Norfolk Stew with Green Dumplings, Pan Haggerty or Panhaggerty, Panackelty, Panjotheram, Poacher's Pot, Poor Man's Goose, Pork and Prune Stew, Pork and Pepper, Pork and Red Cabbage, Pot Roasted Beef, Rabbit with Dumplings, Scouse or Lobscouse, Shearer's Stew, Tatie Pot or Cumberland Hotpot, Warwickshire Stew, Whitedish, Wiltshire Dinner, Artisan's Pie, Ben-Joltram, Blank Maunger, Blanks and Prizes, Busbayne, Cracky Stew, Hachy, Harico (or Haricot), Hodge Podge or Hotchepot, Mawmenny, Peas and Pork, Plum-Pottage, or Christmas-Pottage, Potage of Mutton, Veal or Beef, Potwise or Potews, Stewed Broth, Tatie and Colley, The Queen's Pottage, Loblolly, Alnwick Stew, Bacon and Greens, Jugged Steak

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