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- Cakes


Abingdon Buns
African Cakes
Albert Cakes
Almond Cake
Almond Hedgehog
Angel's Food Cake
Apple and Cheese Cake
Apple Cheese Sponge
Apple Cream Buns
Apple, Raisin and Cider Teabread
Arval Cake
Ashbourne Gingerbread
Balderstone Cakes
Banana and Date Tea Loaf
Bath Cakes
Bath Cakes (Dr. Oliver's)
Battenberg Cake
Batty Cake
Bedale Plum Cake
Bermuda Witches
Bible Cake or Scripture Cake
Biscuit Cake
Black Forest Gateau
Boiled Cake
Boodle's Cake
Borrowdale Tea Cake or Teabread
Bride Cake
Bridgwater Carnival Pudding
Bridgwater Manchit
Brighton Cakes
Brighton Gingerbread
Buckingham Cakes
Bury Simnel Cake
Butterfly Cakes
Buttermilk Cake
Cable Cakes
Cake Fritters
Caramel Squares
Caraway Soda Bread
Carrot Cake
Cheese and Apple Cake
Chelsea Buns
Cheltenham Dripper
Cherry and Almond Cake
Cherry Cake
Chocolate and Orange Cake
Christmas Cake
Christmas Log
Christmas Pepper Cake
Cider Cake
Cleveland Cakes
Cobnut Cake
Cockle Cakes
Coffee Walnut Cake
Cornflake Cakes
Cornflour Cake
Cornish Tatie Cake
Courting Cake (1)
Courting Cake (2)
Cranham Honey cake
Cumberland Dream Cake
Cumberland Sand Cake
Cumberland Soda Cake
Cup Cakes
Derbyshire Fruit Loaf
Derbyshire Parkins
Devil's Food Cake
Devizes Simnel Cake
Diet Bread Cake
Diss Spice Bread
Dorset Apple Cake
Dorset Tea Bread
Dorset Wiggs
Dover Cakes
Dripping Cake
Druid's Cake
Duchess Cakes
Duke of Windsor's Gingerbread
Dumb Cake
Durham Pikelets
Easter Cake
Easter Nests
Elderflower Cake
Essex Spice Cakes
Fairy Cakes
Fat Rascals
Felton Spice Loaf
Fruit and Honey Cake
Ginger Cake
Gloucester Simnel Cake
Granny Cake
Grasmere Cake
Grasmere Gingerbread
Great Oxfordshire Cake
Groaning Cheese
Half Pound Cake
Hampshire Drops
Harcake or Soul-Mass Cake
Harrier Cake
Harrogate Sponge
Hastings Favourites
Hazelnut Shortcake
Heart Cake
Hertford Hard Gingerbread
Hiring Fair Cake
Honey Cake
Hyde Park Corner Cakes
Ilkley Cake
Ingleton Gingerbread
Isle of Wight Doughnuts
Isle of Wight Farmhouse Cake
Kensington Cakes
Kentish Hop-Picker's Cake
King Cakes
Lakeland Lemon Cake
Lambing Cake
Lancashire Parkin
Lanchester Spice Loaf
Launceston Cake
Leicester Squares
Lemon Cake
Lemon Drizzle Cake
Lime Syrup Cake
Lincolnshire Plum Bread
Love In Disguise Cake
Luncheon Cake
Madeira Cake
Malt Loaf
Malvern Cakes
Marble Cake or Marble Teabread
Marlborough Cake
Matrimony Cake - North East Version
Melton Hunt Cake
Moggie Cake
Mother's Day Cake
Mrs Duke's Cake
Mrs Shellye's Cake
Neddin Cake
Nelson Slices
Northampton Cake
Northamptonshire Seed Cake
Norwich Cakes
Oakham Feast Cake
Old Harry Rock Cakes
Orange Cake
Overnight Cake
Ovington Fruit Cake
Oxford John Cakes
Paradise Loaf
Penzance Cake
Picnic Cake
Poor Man's Cake
Pope Lady Cakes
Porter Cake
Pound Cake
Preston Gingerbread
Preston Parkin
Prince of Wales Cakes
Queen Cakes
Queen Mother's Cake
Raisin Cake
Raisin Parkin
Refrigerator Cake
Rhubarb Gingerbread
Rhubarb Pudding Pie
Rhubarb Sponge Cake
Rice Cakes
Rich Fruit Cake
Rich Plum Cake
Richmond Cake
Ripon Plum Cake
Ripon Spice Cake
Rock Cakes
Rock of Gibraltar Cakes
Rout Cakes
Saffron Cake
Saffron Dingers
Sand Cake
Sarre Cakes
Seblet Cakes
Shearing Cake
Shrewsbury Cakes
Shrewsbury Simnel Cake
Shropshire Apple Cake
Shropshire Cakes
Sledmere Gingerbread
Soda Cake
Somerset Apple Cake
Soul Cakes
Southend Fruit Shells
Spinster's Cake
Sponge Cake
Stanhope Cake
Startforth Gingerbread
Store Cake
Suffolk Buns
Suffolk Cakes
Sweet Cake
Sweetheart Cake
Swiss Roll
Tavistock Cakes
Thorcake or Thor or Tharf Cake
Tipsy Cake
Tottenham Cake
Trayne Roste
Tunis Cake
Turf cakes
Twelfth Cake
Upside Down Cake
Vectis Doughnuts
Vicarage Cake
Victoria Buns
Victoria Sandwich Sponge Cake
Vinegar Cake
Wakefield Gingerbread
Walnut Cakes
Walnut Loaf
Weardale Tatie Cake
Wedding Cake
Westmorland Parkin
Westmorland Pepper Cake
Whirlin Cakes
Whitby Yule Cakes
White Cake
Wimbledon Cake
Yeast Cake
York Buns
Yorkshire Crackney
Yorkshire Parkin
Yorkshire Slab Cake

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