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Queen Cakes


General term for small, rich, sweet, decorated cakes made in shapes.

Original Receipt in 'English Housewifry' by Elizabeth Moxon, 1764 (Moxon 1764)

243. To make QUEEN CAKES.
Take a pound of London flour dry'd well before the fire, nine eggs, a pound of loaf sugar beaten and sifted, put one half to your eggs and the other to your butter; take a pound of butter and melt it without water put it into a stone bowl, when it is almost cold put in your sugar and a spoonful or two of rose water, beat it very quick, for half an hour, till it be as white as cream; beat the eggs and sugar as long and very quick, whilst they be white; when they are well beat mix them all together; then take half a pound of currans cleaned well, and a little shred of mace, so you may fill one part of your tins before you put in your currans; you may put a quarter of a pound of almonds shred (if you please) into them that is without currans; you may ice them if you please, but do not let the iceing be thicker than you may lie on with a little brush.

Original Receipt from 'Saleable Shop Goods for Counter-Tray and Window:' by Frederick T Vine (Vine 1907)

No. 45.- Queen Cakes.

I lb. butter. 1 lb. sugar.
1 lb. eggs (weighed in their 2i lbs flour, shells). 1 oz. volatile.
Milk. Essence of lemon.

Mode,- Break the volatile down in a mortar with a little milk; sieve the flour upon the board; cream up the butter and sugar, adding the gs in the usual manner; beat in the volatile and a few drops essence of lemon; mix in the flour with milk, and fill into 1d. or 1/2d. Queen Cake pans (see illustration, Fig. 26); sprinkle a few currants on top, and bake in a warm oven. Sell at 1d. each, or use the smallest size pans for 1/2d. cakes.

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