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- Game & Offal

Royal shooting party, c1890

Ashdown Partridge Pudding, Braised Haunch of Venison, Cheshire Brawn, Small Waterfowl, Dorset Rabbit, Gamekeeper's Stew, Hare Roasted with Beer, Hell Balls, Jugged Hare, Kentish Pigeons with Plums, Mustard Rabbit, Nadger's Pie, New Forest Venison, Norfolk Partridge Pot, Partridge Pie, Pheasant Pot, Pigeon and Parsnips, Pigeon Pie, Epsom Pigeon Pie, Pigeon Pot, Pigeon Pudding, Poacher's Pie, Quail, Rabbit and Apple Stew, Rabbit and Cider, Rabbit Brawn, Rabbit in the Dairy, Rabbit Stew, Ragged Rabbit, Roast Hare, Shrewsbury Veal, Squirrel, Venison and Chestnut Stew, Venison Stew, Wakefield Rabbit, Wild Boar
HISTORIC:, Badger, Broiled Breakfast Partridge, Cony with a Pudding in his Belly, Crows, Fast, Frog Fricassee, Frogs, Heron and Crane, Lincolnshire Roast Hare, Mock Venison, Partridge and Cabbage Pudding, Partridge Tart, Peacock, Plover, Potage of Venison, Pudding of Small Birds, Rabbit Pudding, Rabbit with Grapes or with Gooseberries, Roast Cygnet, Rook, Swan, Viper Soup, Sparrow Dumpling, Kentish Plover, Hedgehog

Bedfordshire Spare Ribs, Brains, Brains and Bacon, Braised Oxtail, Brawn, Calf's Foot Jelly, Chitterlings or Chitlings, Clipping-Time Pudding, Cold Tripe, Cousin Jim, Cowheel, Cowheel in Green Sauce, Creamed Sweetbreads, Crisp, Devilled Kidneys, Dressmaker Tripe, Faggots, Faggots - Shropshire Version, Grilled Kidneys, Haslet, Lamb Faggots, Lamb's Fries, Lancashire Liver and Bacon, Love In Disguise, Marrow Bones, Marrow Toast, Marrow Toast Victoria, Muggety Pie, Northumberland Pot, Ox Cheek, Ox Tongue, Ox Tripe, Oxford Brawn, Pig's Trotters, Savoury Ducks, Scrap-Cakes, Steak and Cowheel, Stewed Kidneys, Stuffed Heart, Sweetbreads, Tipsy Kidneys, Tripe and Onions, Umble or Numble Pie, Wesson
HISTORIC:, An Outlandish dish, Brain Cake, Burlington Whimsey, Calf's-Foot Pudding, Calves Chaldron Pye, Calf's Head, Cutlets of Calf's Head, Devilled Bones, Entrayle, Fricassee of Sheep Trotters, Fricat of Calves Chaldrons, Fried Cowheel, Fried Ox-Feet, or Cow-Heel, Giblets with Herbs, Harslet, Jemmy, Langdebouf, Liver And Herbs, Liver Fritters, Marrow Butter, Marrow Pudding, Marrow Tarts, Neat's Tongues, Oatmeal Blood Pudding, Ox Lips, Pig's Ears, Sheep's Ears, Skrussle, Soused Tripe, Suffolk Beef Tongues, Sweet Pattee, Tonbridge Brawn, Tripe with Spinach, Lamb's Ears, Fried Tripe, Powsowdie, Sheep's Head Broth, Udder or Elder

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