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Muggety Pie

Game and Offal
South West

(or Mugget or Mugwet)

Pie with filling of chopped calf or pig intestines and tripes, usually with onion and sometimes with cream and root vegetables (Hartley 1954). The name is well-attested from 19th Century dialect glossaries and as far back Caxton's 'Reynard the Fox' of 1481; "The moghettis, Lyuer longes and the Inward [of the calf] shal be for your chyldren."

Original Receipt from 'Countrey Contentments, or, The English Hus-wife' by Gervase Markham, 1615 (Markham 1615)

Puddings of a Calves Mugget

Take Calves Mugget, clean and sweet drest, and boyl it well; then shred it as small as is possible; then take of Strawberry leaves, of Endive, Spinage, Succory, and Sarnel, of each a pretty quantity, and chop them as small as is possible, and then mix them with the Mugget, then take the yolks of half a dozen Eggs and three whites, and beat them into it also; and if you find it is too stiff, then make it thinner with a little Cream warmed on the fire, then put in a little Pepper, Cloves, Mace, Cinnamon, Ginger, Sugar, Currants, Dates, and Salt, and work all together, with casting in little pieces of sweet Butter one after another, till it have received good store of Butter, then put it up in the Calves-bag, Sheeps-bag, or Hogs-bag, and then boyl it well, and so serve it up.

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