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Meat & Meat Dishes

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See also: Traditional English meat cuts and Game & Offal

Bacon, Bacon Chops with Gooseberry Sauce, Bacon Floddies, Bacon Fraise (1), Bacon Fraise (2) or Froise, Bacon Ribs, Baked Gammon in Cider, Baked Ham, Barnsley Chop, Bath Chaps, Beef Cake, Beef Cecils, Beef Hare, Beef in Beer, Beef Olives, Beef Paste, Beef Rissoles, Beef Rolls (1), Beef Rolls (2), Berkshire Faggots, Berkshire Hog, Boiled Bacon, Boiled Pickled Pork, Bordyke Veal Cake, Bradenham Ham, Breakfast Chops, Cheshire Lamb Crumble, Coger Cakes, Collared Meat, Collops, Corned Beef, Corned or Bully Beef, Cornish Under Roast, Cottage Pie, Crown Roast, Cumberland Ham, Cumberland Pie, Devilled Mutton, Devilled Steak, Devonshire Ham, Dorset Jugged Steak, Dorset Lamb Crumble, Dunmow Flitch, Durham Cutlets, Fackle, Fillet of Beef Prince Albert, Frazzled (or Frizzled) Beef, Fried Beef-Collops, Frizzled Ham, Gammon, Gammon and Fruit, Gloucestershire Pie, Guard of Honour, Haslet - Lincolnshire, Hereford Beef Olives, Horse, Hunter's Beef, Lamb and Barley Stew, Lamb Henry, Lamb in Cream, Lamb Stuffed with Crab, Lamb with Anchovies, Lamb's Liver Pate, Leg of Mutton Stuffed, Macon Ham, Maldon Boiled Beef, Marmalade Glazed Ham, Meat Balls, Meatball Batter Pudding, Minted Lamb, Mock Goose of Pork, Mutton with Cockles, Norfolk Lamb Parcel, Norwich Cutlets, Oxford John Steaks, Padiham Pie, Painswick Pork or Gammon, Parson's Venison, Pork Cheese, Pork with Prunes, Porterhouse Steak, Portmanteau Lamb Chops, Rissoles, Roast Leg of Lamb, Roast Pork, Rolled Breast of Lamb, Salisbury Steak, Saltmarsh Lamb, Salt Beef, Salt Beef and Dumplings, Shepherd's Pie, Shropshire Black Ham, Sirloin of Beef, Staffordshire Beef Steaks, Stewed Steak, Stilton Steak, Stuffed Chine, Stuffed Lamb, Stuffed Lamb, Stuffed Pork Chops in Cider, Suet, Suffolk Bacon, Suffolk Ham, Suffolk Stew, Tournedos Rossini, Venison Pasty, Wakefield Steak, Wiltshire Bacon, York Ham, Yorkshire Collop

Alander, Balls of Veal, Barbecued Hog, Beef Scallops, Breslaw of Beef, Buckenade or Bucnade, Bursews, Cabbage Pudding, Cabob or Cabon, Cavalier's Broil, Cobbett's Bacon, Cockatrice, Forced Leg, Ham Cake, Leach, Lord Nelson's Cutlets, Manchester Collared Pork, Fried Meatballs, Minced Collops, Mr Moring's Beef, Mutton with Celery, Mutton with Thyme, Newmarket Pickle, Oxford Beef Collups, Rabbit Fricacie, Raynoll, Roast Griskin, Saunders or Sanders, Shagapenter, Skuett, Spiced Coller of Beef, St Edmundsbury Mutton, Sturmye, The Shropshire and Worcestershire Dish, Tuskyn, Veal and Oysters, Veal Cake, London Veal Goose, Martinmass Beef, Bartlemass Beef

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