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Breakfast Chops

Meat and Meat Dishes

Lamb chops cut very thin, traditionally served cold with mustard.

The travel writer WH Koebel has; "Within, the breakfast chops are waiting. An extraordinary heap of chops, this; a steaming mountain of generous brown shapes the mere sight of which would cause active terror in a dyspeptic, a vegetarian, or a blend of both. I would like to see a model wrought in plaster of Paris of one of these breakfast dishes of the bush, with every section of meat and bone and fat accurately and beautifully portrayed. I would have it exhibited in some populous and butcher-ridden centre as a meal of some other age, and I would listen with some pride to the envious sighs of the spectators: "They were giants in those days!"

Original Receipt from 'Cassell's Dictionary of Cookery' (Cassell 1883)

Take say an ounce or a little more of butter, and dissolve it in a stewpan, but do not oil the butter or allow the stewpan to get too hot. Mix in a spoonful of made mustard, and a little mixed black and cayenne pepper, and stir the whole well together. The sauce should resemble thick custard, both in appearance and consistency. This sauce should not be poured over the grilled meat until the very last moment. Care also should be taken not to have the plate so burning hot so that it will dissolve the butter into oil. Recollect, the only secret of making this sauce successfully is not overheating it.

This sauce, poured over a nicely-grilled chop at breakfast-time, often has the effect of enabling a person with a delicate appetite to take meat, when, without the stimulant of the sauce, they would be unable to touch any.

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