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The hard fat from the loins and kidneys of beef, sheep, etc., rendered and formed into blocks to be grated for use, or manufactured into tiny pellets.

Suet. The fat around the kidneys of a calf.
Image: "FotoosvanRobin"

'Atora' prepared suet - 1922

An ingredient of soft paste for pies and in...
Apple Dumplings
Apple Fritters (1)
Ashdown Partridge Pudding
Aunt Nelly's Pudding
Bacon Pudding - Hampshire
Bacon Rolly-Polly Pudding
Baked Raisin Pudding
Baked Suet Pudding
Barford Pudding
Bedfordshire Clangers
Beef Cake
Beef Olives
Beef Pudding
Berkeley Pudding
Berry Bread Pudding
Boiled Currant Pudding
Boiled Gooseberry Pudding
Bread and Suet Dumplings
Buckinghamshire Dumpling
Budby Pie
Calf's-Foot Pudding
Cambridge Pudding
Canterbury Pudding
Cheltenham Pudding
Chesterfield Rabbit Stew
Christmas Pudding
Cornish Under Roast
Cowheel Pie
Cream of Spinach Soup
Cumberland Pudding
Currant Dumplings
Dartmouth Pie
Delhi Pudding
Duke of Buckingham's Pudding
Durham Pot Pie
East Riding Pudding
Eden Pudding
Epping Sausages
Essex Meat Layer Pudding
Exeter Stew
Fellside Pudding
Fig Pudding
Figgie Hobbin or Figgyhobbin
Fill Belly Pudding
Fried Meatballs
Galley Dumplings
Ginger Pudding
Golden Pudding
Guide to Modern Cookery, 1903
Half-Pay Pudding
Hare Pie
Hastings Gurnet
Helston Pudding
Herb Dumplings
Herefordshire Pudding
Hindle Wakes
Hock and Dough
Huntingdon Pudding
John Bull's Pudding
Kentish Suet Pudding
Kentish Well Pudding
Kersey Pudding
Kidney Pudding
La cuisine anglaise, 1894
Leek and Suet Pudding
Leek Pudding
Leicestershire Pudding
Lemon or Orange Pudding
Meat Balls
Military Pudding
Mincemeat (Sweet)
Plum Duff
Rag Pudding
Raisin Roly-Poly
Sack Dumplings
Sausage Dumplings
Sausage Pudding
Sausage Roly-Poly
Season Pudding
Shelford Pudding
Sir Watkin William Wynne's Pudding
Staffordshire Fig Pudding
Steak and Kidney Pudding
Steak Pudding
Suet Pastry
Suet Sponge
Suffolk Spinach Soup
Suffolk Swimmers
Sussex Pond Pudding
Syrup Roll
Tasty Batter Pudding
Teviotdale Pie
Treacle Pudding
Vectis Pudding or Vectis Roll
Windsor Pudding
Yorkshire Pork Pie

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