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Egg Dishes

Image: http://www.j-sainsbury.co.uk

Bachelor's Omelet, Baked Custard, Boiled Eggs, Buttered Eggs, Coddled Eggs, Currant Fritters, Drop Scones, Easter Eggs, Eggy Bread, Friar's Apple Omelette, Fried Eggs, Gloucester Pancakes, Huntsman's Omelette, Jolly Boys, Kentish Pan Cake, Marlborough Custard, Masked Eggs, Meringue, Old Wife's Sod, Omelette, Omelette Arnold Bennett, Onion Skin Eggs, Pancakes for Shrove Tuesday, Poached Eggs, Poached Eggs with Watercress Sauce, Popovers, Potato Omelette, Quail's Eggs, Rumbled Eggs, Scrambled Eggs, Shrewsbury Pickled Eggs, Spinach and Eggs, Sweet Omlette, Tewkesbury Saucer Batters, Tunbridge Fried Cherry Batter, Yorkshire Pudding, Almond Custard, Butter Eggs, Charlet, Clary and Eggs, Columbus Eggs, Common Fritters, Dishel, Eggs in Moonshine, Farm Custard, Friar's Omelette, Hanoney, Hebolace or Herbelade, Jusshell or Iuschelle, Lemon Drops, Meselade, Nettles and Egg, Novice's Pudding, Pamperdy, Papyns, Poached Eggs in Broth, Pochee, Potrous, Sagoo Custards, Sefton, or Veal Custard, Sweet Egg Pies, Tansy, or Tansy Pudding, Tripe of Eggs, Vaunt

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