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- Fish

A Billingsgate fish porter, 1936
Image: Bill Brandt

Arundel Mullets, Baked Cromer Crab, Baked Flounder, Baked Mackerel with Gooseberry, Baked Sea Trout, Baked Trout with Cucumber Sauce, Beer Battered Fish, Bloaters, Bloaters with Scrambled Eggs, Buckling, Buttered Trout, Chip-Shop Fried Fish, Cidered Haddock, Cod in Butter Sauce, Cod Sounds, Cornish Eels, Crab Cakes, Crab in Cream Sauce, Crab Salad, Craster Kippers, Cromer Crab, Cumberland Herrings, Cutlets Victoria, Deep Fried Fish, Devilled Whitebait, Dover Sole, Eel Pie, Eel with Cider, Elver Cakes, Elvers, Fish and Oyster Pie, Fish Cakes, Fish Cobbler, Fish Fingers, Fish Loaf, Fish Pan Haggerty, Fish Pie, Fish Scallop, Fried Fish in Crumb, Golden Cutlets, Goodwood Herrings, Grayling in Beer, Gurnet Pudding, Haddock in Butter Sauce, Hazardy Jack, Herrings in Oatmeal, Herrings with Mustard, Jellied Eels, John Dory, Jugged Kippers, Kent Twice Laid, Kentish Fish Loaf, Keynsham Cakes, Kippers, Lampreys, Lamper-Eels, Lime Crusted Haddock, Limpets, Ling Pie, Lowestoft Herrings, Lyme Bay Fish Pie, Mackerel and Mushroom Paste, Mackerel with Apricots, Mackerel with Gooseberry, Marinated Pilchards, Mock Crab, Monkfish, Mussel and Onion, Newcastle Potted Salmon, Norfolk Fish Supper, Pickled Herrings, Pickled Salmon, Pilchard Pie, Plaice in Breadcrumbs, Potted Char, Potted Salmon, Pulborough Eels, Red Herring, Red Mullet, Red Mullet Liver, Richmond Eel Pie, Rollmops, Salmon, Salmon in Cider, Salmon Pie, Salt Pilchards, Sand-Lance or Sand-Eel, Sardines, Scampi, Shrimp Paste, Smoked Fish Pie, Smoked Haddock Flan, Sole Edward VII, Sole Jubilee, Soles in Coffins, Solomon Gundy, Somerset Fish Pot, Soused Mackerel, Speldered Herrings, Squid, Stargazy Pie, Sturgeon, Suffolk Fish Pie, Suffolk Savouries, Suffolk Trout, Trout in Cider and Herbs, Trout in Cream, Vendace, Wandle Stuffed Trout, Whitebait, Windermere Char, Yarmouth Straws, Devonshire Mullet Pie, Eliza Acton's Sole in Cream, Sedgemoor Eel Stew
HISTORIC: Alecs, Baked Herrings, Buttered Whitings, Calvered Fish, Carp Pie, Cod's Head (and shoulders), Crimped Fish, Eel Soup, Fenland Eels, Boiled Fish Cakes, Fish Pudding, Gyngawdry, Herring Pye, Lord d'Aubigny's Broiled Herrings, Minnow Tansy, Mock Crab or Lobster, Mortins, Mrs Mary Gordon's Carp Pye, Poor John, Porpoise, Spiced Fish, Spitchcock (or Pichcock) Eels, Tench, Worcester Lampreys, Worcestershire Potted Lamperns, Yarmouth Bloaters, Izaak Walton Eel, Smelt

Angels on Horseback, Buttered Crab, Buttered Crab (or Lobster), Cockles, Cockles and Bacon, Colchester Oysters, Crayfish, Essex Oyster Loaves, Exeter Scalloped Oysters, Fried Oysters, Lobster Cutlets Shelley, Mussel Pudding, Mussels, Mussels in Cream, Pickled Cockles, Porlock Bay Bake, Potted Shrimps, Prawns, Razor Clams, Scalloped Crab, Scallops, Shrimps in Lettuce and Cream, Snails, Stiffkey Blues, Whitby Crab Cakes, Winkles
HISTORIC: Amblet of Cockles, Dressed Snails, Fried Oysters in Batter, Oyster Chewitts, Oyster Loaves, Oyster Pie, Oyster Sausages, Oysters in Bastard Gravy, Snail Broth, Snail Water, Snail with Herbs, Snails in Sauce, Whitstable Oysters, Wallfish

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