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Goodwood Herrings


Herrings, each wrapped and skewered around a hollowed-out tomato filled with breadcrumbs, butter, onion and seasonings. Baked.

Goodwood Herrings
From The Herring Book, c1950

Original Receipt from 'The Herring Book' issued by The Herring Industry Board, London about 1950

INGREDIENTS: 6 fresh herrings, 6 large tomatoes, 4 tablespoonfuls breadcrumbs, a tablespoonful butter or dripping, a little lemon rind grated, a small minced onion or shallot, a tablespoonful of chopped parsley, a pinch of dried thyme.

METHOD: Clean, scale and behead the herrings, but leave in the roe, then twist them head to tail and fasten with a tiny wooden skewer or cocktail stick. Slice the top off each tomato, using a very sharp knife, and keep the slice. Scoop out the inside of each tomato, discard the hard core, keep the pulp. Put the bread-crumbs, herbs, chopped onion or shallot, lemon rind, pepper and salt into a basin to this add enough of the tomato pulp to make it moist. Fill each tomato shell with this, and put a bit of butter on top, then lay the slice of tomato to cover. Set a tomato in the centre of each curled herring. Put in a greased fireproof dish, add A few tablespoonfuls of water and cook for 20 minutes in a fairly hot oven. Serve an the dish in which they are cooked.

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