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Oyster Chewitts
Fish - Shellfish

Tiny, single-mouthful pie cases filled with spiced fruit (prunes, dates, and currants) topped with chopped boiled oyster meat in verjuice and butter (Huswife 1594)

Original Receipt in 'The Good Huswifes Handmaide for the Kitchin' 1594 by Thomas Dawson, (Huswife 1594)

To make Oyster Chewets.
TAKE a peck of Oisters, & wash them clean. Then shel them, and wash them in a colender faire and clean, then seeth them in faire water a litle, and when they bee sodden, strain the water from them, and cut them smal as pie meat, season them with a little pepper, a peniworth of Cloues and Mace, a peniworth of Sinamon and Ginger, a peniworth of Sugar, a litle Saffron and salt: then take a handfull of Corrans, sixe Dates minced small, and mingle them altogether. Then make your paste with a quantitie of fine flower, ten yolkes of Egges, a quantitie of Butter, with a litle Saffron and boyled water, then raise vp your Chewets, and put in the bottom of your Chewets a litle Butter, and cast vpon them Prunes, Dates, and Corrans, so close them and bake them: let not your Ouen be too hot, for they would haue but litle baking. Then drawe them, and put in euerie of them two spoonfuls of Uergious and butter, and so serue them in, etc.

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