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Pies and Pastries

Tiny fried pasties. Made from a sheet of very thin paste "of the bignesse of your hand", edges damped and folded over fillings such as bone marrow with ginger or peel with fruit, the whole fried. Similar to modern-day fried samosas. A type of Kickshaw, or small, fancy, usually fried, accompaniment.

See also: Peasecod.

Original Receipt in 'The Good Huswifes Handmaide for the Kitchin' 1594 by Thomas Dawson, (Huswife 1594)

To make Frians.
TAKE three handfull of flower, seuen yolkes of Egges, and half a dish of Butter, make your paste therewith and make two Chewets therof, as you would make two Tarts, and when it is driuen verie fine with your rolling pin, then cut them in peeces of the bignesse of your hand. Then take a quartern of sugar, and one ounce and foure spoonfuls of Synamon, and halfe a spoonfull of Ginger, and mingle them altogether, then take lumps of marrow, of the quantitie of your finger, and put it on your peeces of paste afore rehearsed, and put vpon it two spoonfuls of your Sugar and spices: then take a litle water and wet your paste therewith: then make them euen as you would make a pastie of Venison: then pricke them with a pin, and frie them as že frie frittons, when they be fried, cast a litle sugar on them, and so serue them in.
To make frians in Lent
TAKE Ualsome Eeles and see they be fat, and cut the fish from the bone, and mince it smal, and a Warden or two with it. Then season it with Pepper, salt, Cloues, mace, and Saffron: then put to it Corrans, Dates and Prunes, smal minced, and when your fruit is altogether then poure on a litle Uergious and cut it in little peeces, and so bake it & put a peece of Butter in the midst of the peeces to make it moist, so close it, and bake it.

See also:
Oyster Chewitts

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