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Pies and Pastries

Very tiny pies, known from late medieval times (c1390) up to the early 17th Century. Probably similar to the modern Whist Pie.
For a very large pie, see Trunk Pie

A tower of small pies from 'The Accomplisht Cook ' by Robert May, 1660 (Robert May 1660)

Original Receipt in 'The Forme of Cury' by the Chief Master-Cook of King Richard II, c1390 (Cury 1390)

Take there meat of Pork and carve it all to pieces. and hens therewith and do it in a pan and fry it & make a coffin [casing] as to a pie small & do therein. & do thereupon yolks of eggs, hard, powder of ginger and salt, cover it & fry it in grease. Otherwise bake it well and serve it forth.

Take turbot, haddock, codling and hake and seethe it. Grind it small and do thereto dates, ground, raisins, pine-nuts, good powder and salt. Make a coffin as before said, close this therein, and fry it in oil. Otherwise stew it in ginger with sugar, or in wine, or bake it, & serve forth.

Original Receipt from 'A Noble boke off cookry ffor a prynce houssolde or eny other estately houssolde' (Noble Boke 1480);

To mak chewettes of beef tak beef and cutt it smalle and do ther to pouder of guinger clowes and other good poudurs grapes vergius saffron and salt and toile them welle to gedure put chekins chopped in coffins and yolks of eggs brok smale and bak them and serue them.

Original Receipt from 'A New Booke of Cookerie' by John Murrell (Murrell 1615)

A delicate Chewit
Parboyle a piece of a Legge of veal, and being cold, mince it with Beefe Suit, and Marrow, and an Apple or a couple of Wardens: when you haue minst it fine, put to a few parboyld Currins, sixe Dates minst, a piece of a preserued Orenge-pill minst, Marrow cut in little square pieces. Season all this with Pepper, Salt, Nutmeg, and a little Sugar: then put it into your Coffins, and so bake it. Before you close your Pye, sprinckle on a little Rosewater, and when they are baked shave on a little Sugar, and so serve it to the Table.

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Oyster Chewitts
Trunk Pie

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