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On the rare occasions Limpets are eaten in England, they are boiled and eaten cold with vinegar.

Richard Carew's 'The Survey of Cornwall' of 1602 has; "The particular taking of sundrie kinds of fishes, is almost as diuers as themselues. Wrinckles, Limpets, Cockles, and Muscles, are gathered by hand, vpon the rockes and sands."

Common Limpet
Image: "Tango22"

Our correspondent John Fisk (2022) tells us that "When I was working on Plymouth Breakwater in the 1970s we were taken out in the mornings by a Dockyard boat. The skipper used to send his slingers mate onto the breakwater to knock a bucket of limpets off and boiled them in the bucket on his way back. Only the oval foot was kept with the ‘bubble’ of wobbly bits discarded. The boiled limpet meat was taken home as a pie filling."

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