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The European flounder is a flatfish, Platichthys flesus

Original Receipt in 'The Book of Household Management' edited by Isabella Beeton, 1861 (See Mrs.B)

259. INGREDIENTS. - Sufficient water to cover the flounders, salt in the proportion of 6 oz. to each gallon, a little vinegar.
Mode. - Pat on a kettle with enough water to cover the flounders, lay in the fish, add salt and vinegar in the above proportions, and when it boils, simmer very gently for 5 minutes. They must not boil fast, or they will break. Serve with plain melted butter, or parsley and butter.
Time. - After the water boils, 5 minutes.
Average cost, 3d. each.
Seasonable from August to November.

THE FLOUNDER. - This comes under the tribe usually denominated Flat-fish, and is generally held in the smallest estimation of any among them. It is an inhabitant of both the seas and the rivers, while it thrives in ponds. On the English coasts it is very abundant, and the London market consumes it in large quantities. It is considered easy of digestion, and the Thames flounder is esteemed a delicate fish.

260. INGREDIENTS. - Flounders, egg, and bread crumbs; boiling lard.
Mode. - Cleanse the fish, and, two hours before they are wanted, rub them inside and out with salt, to render them firm; wash and wipe them very dry, dip them into egg, and sprinkle over with bread crumbs; fry them in boiling lard, dish on a hot napkin, and garnish with crisped parsley.
Time. - From 5 to 10 minutes, according to size.
Average cost, 3d. each.
Seasonable from August to November.
Sufficient, 1 for each person.

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