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Jusshell or Iuschelle


A dish of minced herbs, sometimes with minced meat or fish, thickened 'til it be standing' with, for instance, egg or breadcrumbs (Cury 1390, Austin 1440, etc.)

Original Receipt in 'The Forme of Cury' by the Chief Master-Cook of King Richard II, c1390 (Cury 1390)

Take bread grated and eyggs and swyng it togydre. Do thereto safroun, sawge, and salt, & cast broth thereto, boile it & present it forth.

Original Receipt in the 15th Century 'Austin Manuscripts' (Austin 1440)

Iuschelle of fish. Take fair fry of pick, and caste it raw on a morter, an caste thereto grated bread, an bray them as smale as thow mayste; & if it be to stondyng, caste thereto almond milk, an bray them to-gederys, an stere it to-gederys, & caste thereto a littel saffron & salt, an whyte sugar, an put al in a fair treen bolle, & toyle it to-gederys with thin hond, an loke that it be not to chargeaunt, but as a man may pore it out of the bolle; and than take a chafoure or a panne, an caste ther-in fair gravy of pick or of freysshe samoun, y-draw thorw a strainer, & settepage it on the fire; thanne take fair percely an sawge, an caste thereto, an let it boil, an caste thereto a little saffron an salt; and whan it hath y-boylid a whyle, stere it faste, an caste the stuffe thereto, an stere it euermore; an whan alle is oute of the bolle, caste a litil an a litil in-to the chafoure, or the panne; stere it soffter an sofftere, tylle it come to-gedere; than gader it to-gederys with a ladelle or a skymoure, softe, tille it be round to-gedere; thanne take it from the fire, an set the vesselle on a fewe colys, an late it wexe styf be hys owne acord; than serve forth.

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