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St Edmundsbury Mutton


Parboiled Coast of Mutton (neck and breast together) rolled around stuffing of breadcrumbs, lemon peel, pepper, salt, nutmeg, dried marjoram and basil, egg yolks. Roasted with butter baste and breadcrumb. Served with a "strong Gravey and Lemon or Orange Juice, and garnish with Lemon or Orange sliced; or fry'd Oysters" (Bradley 1728).

St Edmund is the Patron of Suffolk, see also: St Edmund's Buns

Original Receipt in 'The Country Housewife and Lady's Director' by Prof. R Bradley, 1728 (Bradley 1728)

A Collar of Mutton roasted. From St. Edmund's-Bury in Suffolk.
Take a Coast of Mutton, which is the Neck and Breast together, skin it in the whole Piece; then parboil it, and prepare a Mixture of Crumbs of Bread; Lemon-Peel grated, a little Pepper, Salt, Nutmeg, or sweet Marjoram powder'd, which answers the End of most Spices, or else a little dry'd sweet Basil, which we call Bush-Basil, in the Gardens. To this, add the Yolks of six hard Eggs, beat in a Mortar, with six Ounces of Butter; mix this with the other Ingredients; then take the inside of the Mutton, and cover it with this Mixture, and roll it up as close as can be, and secure it in the Roll; so that it may be close for the Spit. It must be spitted through the Middle length-ways, and basted with Butter, salting it every now and then, and the Gratings of Crusts of Bred should be sprinkled upon it, with the seasoning above. Just before it is enough, when it is taken off the Spit, serve it with strong Gravey and Lemon or Orange Juice, and garnish with Lemon or Orange sliced; or when Oysters are in season, add fry'd Oysters:.

[For the receipt for the accompanying fried oysters, see Fried Oysters]

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