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Pork with Prunes

Meat and Meat Dishes

Meat with fruit is a dominant theme of early English grand cookery, and prunes (dried plums) a commonplace ingredient. 'Countrey Contentments, or, The English Hus-wife' by Gervase Markham, 1615 (Markham 1615) adds prunes to veal, capons, chicken and fish as well as pork and beef.

Pork with Prunes is occasionally mentioned in 19th Century news reports (London Daily News - Tuesday 22 July 1879, p5; Coventry Herald - Friday 11 November 1887, p7) as a dish seemingly well-known, but which, by then, seemed very odd indeed.

Pork with Prunes
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Original Receipt from the 'Yorkshire Evening Post' - Thursday 22 April 1937

Casserole of Pork and Prunes.
3lb- best prunes. 1 lb. lean pork, the rind of a lemon and juice, flour, salt, pepper, dripping. This makes a novel and interesting dish. Cover the prunes with cold water and cook them with the lemon rind until they are tender. Strain off the juices, set it aside, and stone the prunes. Cut the pork into neat pieces, roll these flour which been seasoned with salt and pepper. Melt little dripping the frying-pan. brown the pieces pork it, then arrange these and the stoned primes alternate layers the casserole. Brown a little flour the remaining in the pan and add prune Juice. Pour this over the pork, with the lemon juice, cover the casserole closely, and cook a moderate oven for hour and half to two hours.
This is one of the many novel recipes In "Requested Recipes." published by "The Yorkshire Evening Post." The price of the little book is 6d.. and it should have place on all kitchen shelves and be consulted you want something "a little different."

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