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Breslaw of Beef

Meat and Meat Dishes

A spiced meat loaf of shredded roast beef with breadcrumbs, herbs, butter, cream and eggs (Acton 1845, etc).

The word 'Breslaw' may come from an old version of the name of the town 'Wroclaw' in Silesia, modern-day Poland

Original Receipt from 'Modern Cookery for Private Families' by Eliza Acton (Acton 1845);

Trim the brown edges from lialf a pound of underdressed roast beef, shred it small, and mix it with four ounces of fine bread-crumbs, a teaspoonful of minced parley, and two-thirds as much of thyme, two ounces of butter broken small, half a capful of gravy or cream, a high seasoning of pepper and cayenne and mace or nutmeg, a small teaspoonful of salt, and three large eggs well whisked. Melt a little butter in a deep dish, pour in the beef, and bake it half an hour; turn it out, and send it to table with brown gravy in a tureen. When cream or gravy is not at hand, an additional egg or two and rather more butter must be used. We think that grated lemon-rind improves the breslaw. A portion of fat from the joint can be added where it is liked. The mixture is sometimes baked in buttered cups.

Beef,1/2 lb.; bread-crumbs, 4 oz.; batter, 2 oz.; gravy or cream,1/2 cupful; parsley, 1 teaspoonsful; thyme, two-thirds of teaspoonful; eggs, 3 or 4, if small; salt, 1 teaspoonful; pepper and nutmeg1/2 teaspoonful each: bake 1 hour.

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