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Bacon Fraise or Froise

Meat and Meat Dishes

(or Bacon Froise)

Bacon and egg batter. Either as bacon rashers dipped in egg-rich batter and fried, known at least since Wooley 1672 and Bradley 1728. Or, batter fried with chopped bacon mixed-in in the manner of an omelette; Moor 1823, Walsh 1859, etc

See also: Bacon Floddies, Bacon Cakes

Original Receipt in 'The Queene-Like Closet' (1672) by Hannah Woolley (Wooley 1672)

273. To make a Bacon Froize. Take eight Eggs well beaten, and a little Cream, and a little Flower, and beat them well together to be like other Batter, then fry very thin slices of Bacon, and pour some of this over, then fry it, and turn the other side, and pour more upon that, so fry it and serve it to the Table.

Original Receipt in 'The Country Housewife and Lady's Director' by Prof. R Bradley, 1728 (Bradley 1728)

Bacon Froize, or Fraise. From Mrs. Bradbury.
Cut fat Bacon in small Pieces, about an Inch long, and then prepare ten or a dozen Eggs well beat; put in a little Milk, some Spice, at pleasure, and some Flour; then put some Lard or Seam of an Hog into a Pan, and make it very hot; and when it is so, pour in the Mixture, and clap a dish over it, after you have thrown some of the Seam upon it. When the Froize is done enough on one side, turn it with the Dish, and fry it till it is quite enough. Then serve it with a garnish of sliced Lemons and a little Butter, first letting it drain.

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