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Cabbage Pudding


Chopped beef and cabbage with whole egg and seasoning, boiled in a cloth. "It may as well be made by People of the lower as of the higher Rank." (Bradley 1728).

An 1865 report on the "Queen Anne's Bounty" fund for assisting poor clergy has; "A friend mine called some time ago on a clergyman who has ten children, and he found nothing for dinner but large Savoy cabbage covered with paste-a cabbage pudding"

Original Receipt in 'The Country Housewife and Lady's Director' by Prof. R Bradley, 1728 (Bradley 1728)

To make a Cabbage-Pudding; from a Gentlewoman in Suffolk, as it was written by herself.


You will excuse me, if I send you a Receipt for a Pudding, which is accounted so agreeable by my Acquaintance, that they think it worth a place in your Book, call'd, The Lady's Monthly Director, in the Management of the several Products of a Farm. It may as well be made by People of the lower as of the higher Rank.

Take a Piece of boil'd Beef, which is not always done enough; the Parts of it which are the least done, and chop them small: take as much boil'd Cabbage as you have Meat, and chop that as small as the Beef, season this with Pepper and Salt, and two or three Eggs beaten, to mix it up in the manner of farced Meat. Whatever else of seasoning you like, put it to it; and when it is made into a thin Paste, put the Mixture into a Linnen-Cloth, and boil it till it is enough, then serve it to the Table. But this Pudding is much better made with raw salt Beef and boil'd Cabbage, for is makes an extraordinary Paste, and is much softer and fuller of Gravey than the first.

N.B. If it is of the first Sort, the quantity of half a Quartern Loaf of fine Bread, may boil an Hour, and the latter Sort may boil an Hour and a half.

I am Yours, C. B.

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