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Savoury Ducks

Game and Offal

Faggots of minced pork, pork offal, fat, breadcrumbs and herbs, formed into small balls, sometimes each wrapped in caul, and baked close together so that, on rising, they form rounded cubes.

Faggots with marrowfat peas, mash and gravy

The origin of the name isn't clear, but first appears in news reports from around 1840, including this odd piece from the 'Manchester Courier and Lancashire General Advertiser' - Saturday 3 June 1843;
"At a beer-shop this town, on Monday last, a young man, called Butterworth, of mean intellect, performed the following feat in gluttony : —At the desire and expense of a party of men, he devoured, in less than fifteen minutes, forty-eight penny pies, to the astonishment of a gazing multitude ; after which he swallowed twenty pills, the retailer of which actually telling him that three were quite sufficient for any man. At other times, for the amusement of persons who were in the habit of treating him, has the same man eaten at once two four-pound loaves of bread- and dozen savoury ducks. But short time since he consumed 61bs. 4oz. of cow tripe; and on another occasion he devoured at one meal 81bs. of bread and 21bs. of treacle; and at another of his luxurious revels he eat a mess of porridge composed of 21bs. oatmeal and one pound of salt, without taking any drink or liquid."

See: Faggots

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