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Cony with a Pudding in his Belly

Game and Offal
Pies and Pastries

(Or Hare with a Pudding in his Belly)

Rabbit or hare filled with a rich stuffing of bread, fruit, herbs and spices. Known from several early sources, the version given here from Robert May 1660 is baked into a curiously-shaped pie, but it seems more usual to leave the beast free.

Original Receipt in 'A book of cookrye. Very necessary for all such as delight therin', gathered by "AW" (AW 1591);

To boyle a Cony with a Pudding in his Belly.
Take your Cony and fley him, & leave on the eares and wash it faire, and take grated Bread, sweete Suet minced fiine, corance and some fine hearbs, Peneriall; winter savery; percely, Spinage or beets, sweet margeram, and chop your hearbs fine, and season it with Cloves, Mace and Sugar, a little creame and salt and yolks of Egs, and Dates minst fine. Then mingle all your stuf togither, and put it in your Rabets belly and sowe it up with a thred, for the broth take mutton broth when it is boyled a little, and put it in a pot wheras your Rabet may lye long waies in it, and let your broth boile or ever you put it in, then put in Gooceberies or els Grapes, corance and sweet Butter, Vergious, Salt, grated bread and Sugar a little, and when it is boyled, lay it in a dish with Sops. And so serve it in.

Original Receipt in 'The Accomplisht Cook ' by Robert May, 1660 (Robert May 1660)

To bake a Hare with a Pudding in his belly.

For to make this pie you must take as followeth, a gallon of flour, half an ounce of nutmegs, half an ounce of pepper, salt, capers, raisins, pears in quarters, prunes, with grapes, lemon, or gooseberries, and for the liquor a pound of sugar, a pint of claret or verjuyce, and some large mace.
Thus also you may bake a fawn, kid, lamb, or rabit: Make your Hare-Pie according to the foregoing form.

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