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Love In Disguise

Meats - Offal

A heart (calves, lambs) stuffed and boiled.

Original Receipt from 'The Complete Economical Cook, and Frugal Housewife', by Mary Holland - 1837

Love in Disguise
After well cleaning stuff a calf's heart cover it an inch thick with good forcemeat then roll it in vermicelli put it into a dish with a little water and send it to the oven When done serve it with its own gravy in the dish This forms a pretty side dish

Several receipts from the 18th Century onwards also have the cooked heart wrapped in forcemeat, rolled in crushed pasta or crumb, buttered and baked (White 1932, etc).

The 'New York Times' (23 July, 1995) had; "British cuisine has always sounded entertaining. But, like love-in-disguise (which turns out to be baked, stuffed calf heart), what winds up on the plate can be harder to swallow." (OED)

See: Love in Disguise Cake

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