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Ox Tripe

Game and Offal
Lancashire, Yorkshire, Cumbria, Durham, Northumberland

(or Chaldron)

Tripe is the stomach lining of an ox, cow or other ruminant that has been separated and prepared for cooking. The rumen gives blanket or thick seam tripe, the reticulum gives honeycomb tripe and the omasum thin leaf tripe.

UCP Tripe Advertisement 1932
Image: http://www.unitedcattleproducts.co.uk

Tripe was formely considered among the most valuable of meats, so valuable that it was worth making 'mock tripe' from less expensive ingredients.

In English practice the, naturally green or grey, tripe is always washed, bleached for up to two days and boiled for about an hour so that the product offered for sale is creamy-white and ready to eat.

Honeycomb tripe - ready to eat
Image: @GedAshton "How much? 4.65 for a pound of Honeycomb @ashtonmarket"

There was once an entire empire devoted to the edible stomach. In the 1950's and 60's United Cattle Products, 'The UCP', had a chain of no less than 146 tripe restaurants throughout the North West and a processing plant in the 'tripe colony' of Beswick in east Manchester. In Wigan, Vose and Son's wood-panelled 'Tripe De Luxe' restaurant, opened in 1917, had seating for 300 and its own Ladies' Orchestra.

UCP Tripe Advertisement 1940
Image: http:unitedcattleproducts.co.uk

Sadly, tripe and chips never quite caught on, "Good reason for leaving..."

Bolton Evening News - Saturday 09 February 1895

Calf's Chaldron Pudding
Calves Chaldron Pye
Cold Tripe
Dressmaker Tripe
Fricat of Calves Chaldrons
Fried Tripe
Soused Tripe
Tripe and Onions
Tripe of Eggs
Tripe with Spinach
Muggety Pie
Bath Tripe
Wiggled Tripe

United Cattle Products supporters' site

Bolton Market, 2013

Ipswich Journal - Saturday 10 December 1720

Digbeth, Birmingham, Tripe House
Origin: Unknown

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