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Sledmere Gingerbread


Sugar and treacle whisked into hot butter, egg, wheatflour, soda and ground ginger added. Baked in a cool oven.

"Its beautifully spongy."
Image: Alex Bray...

Our correspondents Alex Bray and Rahul Khubchandani used The Countess of Dudley's receipt, who, in the outdated way we expect of aristocrats, uses the old word treacle as a synonym for 'Golden Syrup',

Original Receipt from 'A second Dudley book of cookery and other recipes' by Dudley, Georgiana Elizabeth Ward, Countess of, 1914

HALF a pound of butter, half a pound of castor sugar, half a pound of golden syrup, one pound of flour, half an ounce of ground ginger, one tea- spoonful of carbonate of soda and four eggs.
Put the butter, sugar and treacle into a stewpan and place over the fire to melt. Then beat up the eggs and stir the butter, sugar and treacle into them. Add the ginger and soda and stir all together into the flour. Bake in a deep tin, buttered and papered, until it becomes a golden brown, for three-quarters of an hour.
When cold, cut into fingers or squares.
This is an excellent recipe for children.

...which was "beautifully spongy.". They may have had less success with the slighly wrong receipt here apologised for in the Northern Weekly Gazette...

Original Receipt from Northern Weekly Gazette - Saturday 24 November 1906

Mrs T. Iles: I am sorry your recipe was spoilt by the misprint, and have pleasure in giving the revised form of it here. It should be stated that. in the recipe for which a prize was awarded on October 27th, the quantity of ginger was given as two "tablespoonfuls" instead ofas it should have been-two teaspoonfuls.

Sledmere Gingerbread: Put in a saucepan to melt by fire 1/4lb. each of sugar and treacle, 2oz. butter. Well beat two eggs, and stir melted ingredients to them, then beat in flour, 2 teaspoonfuls of ginger, half a teaspoonful of carbonate of soda. Bake about three-quarters of an hour.

For other types, see Gingerbread

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