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Oakham Feast Cake


Cake with lemon, spice and currants baked for the Oakham Feast Sunday celebrations on September 9th each year.

Original Receipt from Grantham Journal - Friday 31 August 1951

Oakham recipe for the Grantham Gingerbread
A recent article in the “Journal.' headed “Grantham Gingerbread: Is this the secret recipe?" has drawn the comment from 84-years-old Mrs. E. J Ellingworth. of 14, Melton road, Oakham, that it is not: Carefully opening her old family recipe book, which dates back over 100 years Mrs. Ellmgworth read the following ingredients for the white “Grantham Gingerbread": 1 lb. of flour: 1 ½ lb. of powdered sugar: ½ lb. of butter; 1 oz. of ground ginger: 1 teaspoonful of bicarbonate of soda: and one egg. Instructions for cooking are; Rub the butter well into the flour, add the sugar with beaten egg. rub well together for 10 minutes, and then bake in a slow oven for 10 minutes. When cooked, said Mrs. Ellingworth. the gingerbread should have risen, leaving the inside hollow. While looking through this treasure book. Mrs Ellingwonh came across the following recipe for the now non-existent “Feast cake." which she says was baked by everyone for the Oakham Feast Sunday celebrations on September 9th each year; "2 1b. of flour; ½ lb. of brown sugar; 1 lb, currants; 1 ½ lb. of lard: 3 oz of lemon kali: one nutmeg: 2 oz. of lemon peel. Mixed with water, it was baked In the normal way. This recipe brought back to her mind some interesting recollections of Feast Week celebrations of days when, she said, there there were some real "happenings" in the form of sports, etc. Her father-in-law was the Town Crier.

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