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Lincolnshire Plum Bread


Soda raised cake made with brown sugar and dried fruit soaked in tea. Often served with cheese.

A Christmas specialty, but available all year. Known by this name in Lincolnshire at least since references in the 'Lincolnshire Chronicle' and the 'Stanford Mercury' of the 1830's.

Welbourne's Lincolnshire Plum Bread
Image: http://www.veganoo.net

Original Receipt from Winteringham Village Recipes at www.recipes.winteringham.info

Lincolnshire Plum Bread
(an old Winteringham recipe sent in by Christine Hammond)

2 lbs mixed dried fruit
2 cups brown sugar
2 cups strong cold tea
4 cups SR Flour
2 or 3 eggs

Soak the mixed dried fruit brown sugar overnight in a basin with the 2 cups of strong cold tea.
Next day, mix in the 4 cups of self-raising flour and the 2 or 3 beaten eggs.
Put into greased and floured loaf tins.
Bake at 150 C (300 F; gas mark 2) for approximately 2 hours.
Leave to cool in loaf tins.

Rich Plum Bread
1 lbs flour
8 oz sugar
3 oz butter
3 oz lard
8 oz currants
1 oz candied peel
2 eggs
1 tablespoon golden syrup
1/4 pint milk
4 oz sultanas

Rub the fat into the flour
Mix in the dried ingredients
Warm the golden syrup and mix with the beaten eggs
Add to the dried ingredients and mix to a dough with the milk.
Place into two bread tins
Bake at 150 C (300 F; gas mark 2) for approximately 45 to 60 minutes.

Lincolnshire Echo - Monday 18 December 1933

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