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Yeast Cake


Rich, sweet, cake raised with yeast. Typically flavoured with citrus peel and glazed.

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Original Receipt from 'The Art of Cookery Made Easy and Refined' By John Mollard, 1802 (Mollard 1802)


Take one pound of flour, two pounds of currants washed and picked, a quarter of a pound of fresh butter, a quarter of a pound of sugar, the same quantity of citron and candied orange peel cut into slices, and a small quantity of cinnmnon and mace, pounded and sifted. Make a cavity in the centre of the ingredients, add a gill of sweet wine, a little warm milk, a tea cupful of yeast, and let it stand till the yeast works; then put a little more warm milk, mix all together, fill a hoop with it, let it remain till risen, and bake.

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