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Trayne Roste


Chopped dates, figs, raisins and almonds strung on a necklace-like thread and wrapped around a spit which is then rotated in front of a fire while wine-and-flour batter with sweet spices is poured on (Austin 1440). A 'Trayne' is an animal's burrow.

Original Receipt in the 15th Century 'Austin Manuscripts' (Austin 1440)

Trayne roste. Take Dates and figges, and cut them in a peny bread; And then take grete reysons and blanched almondes, and prik them through with a nedel into a threde of a mannys lengt, and one of one frute and a-nother of a-nother frute; and then bynde the threde with the frute A-bought a rownde spit, endelonge the spit, in maner of an hasselet; And then take a quarte of wine or Ale, and fine floure, And make batur thereof, and cast thereto powder ginger, sugur, & saffron, powder of Clowes, salt; And make the batur not fully rennyng, and nother stonding, but in the mene, that it may cleue, and than roast the treyne abougt the fire in the spit; And then cast the batur on the treyne as he turnet abought the fire, so longe til the frute be hidde in the batur; as thou castest the batur there-on, hold a vesse vndere-nethe, for spilling of the batur. And whan it is y-rosted well, it wol seme a hasselet; And then take it up from the spit al hole, And cut it in faire peces of a Span lengt, And serve of it a pece or two in a diss al hote.

French form of 'Gâteau ŕ la broche ŕ Arreau'
Image: 'Utilisateur120'

This is similar to the 'baumkuchen' still very popular in Germany, made by pasting batter onto a rotating mandrel to create a layered 'tree-ring' cake. A curious variant is the 'Pin cake', known as 'gateau ŕ la broche' in France, 'Sekacz' in Poland or 'Šakotis' in Lithuania where a huge conical spindle is rotated in front of a hot fire, batter is dripped on to it which sets into a biscuit only as it begins to drip downward. The result is a cake formed of hundreds of protruding spines, similar in appearance to a pine tree. It is possible that Trayne Roste was intended to be made in this way.

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