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Shropshire Cakes


Paste of white wheatflour, whole egg and sugar with sweet spices and rosewater. Formed into c3in by ½in rounds, top surface scored with diamond shapes. Baked.

The original source of this receipt isn't known. It may be from a book by Russell George Alexander, called 'A Plain Plantain', in which he quotes from a MS. inscribed 'Madam Susanna Avery, Her Book, May þe 12th Anno Domini 1688
Can you help?

To make a Shropsheere cake: Take two pound of dryed flour after it as been searced fine, one pound of good sugar dried and searced, also a little beaten sinamon or some nottmegg greeted and steeped in rose water; so straine two eggs, whites and all, not beaten to it, as much unmelted butter as will work it to a paste: so mould it & roule it into longe rouses, and cutt off as much at a time as will make a cake, two ounces is enough for one cake: then roule it in a ball between your hands; so flat it on a little white paper cut for a cake, and with your hand beat it about as big as a cheese trancher and a little thicker than a past board: then prick them with a comb not too deep in squares like diamons and prick the cake in every diamon to the bottom; so take them in an oven not too hot: when they rise up white let them soake a little, then draw. If the sugar be dry enough you need not dry it but search it: you must brake in your eggs after you have wroat in some of your butter into your flower: prick and mark them when they are cold: this quantity will make a dozen and two or three, which is enough for my own at a time: take off the paper when they are cold.

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