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Black Pot Christmas Dinner

Pot Meals

Before the 20th Century many families had for cooking only an iron pot on an open fire. Here the helpful Alexis Soyer explains how you can cook a complete Christmas Dinner in just the Black Pot.

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Original Receipt from 'A Shilling Cookery for The People' by Alexis Soyer (Soyer 1845)

85. Our Christmas Dinner -
Small Boiled Turkey. - Put into the pot four quarts of water, three teaspoon full of salt, one of pepper, have the turkey ready stuffed, as No. 456; when the water boils, put in the turkey, and four pieces of salt pork or bacon, of about half a pound each, or whole, if you prefer it; also add half a pound of onions, one of white celery, six peppercorns, a bunch of sweet herbs; boil slowly for one hour and a half, mix three ounces of flour with two ounces of butter; melt it in a small pan, add a pint of the liquor from the pot, and half a pint of milk, the onions and celery taken out of the pot, and cut up and added to it; boil for twenty minutes, until it is thickish; serve the turkey on a dish, the bacon separate, and pour the sauce over the bird.

A turkey done in this way is delicious. With the liquor, in which you may add a little colouring, a vermicelli, rice, or clear vegetable soup can be made; skim off the fat, and serve.

The above with a plum pudding boiled the day before, and rewarmed in boiling water in the pot whilst eating the soup and turkey, and the addition of potatoes, baked in the embers, under the grate, is a very excellent dinner, and can all be done with the black pot.

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