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Pot Meals

Stew of chicken pieces with herbs, containing pork meatballs made with fruit and spices (Noble Boke 1480)

Original Receipt from 'A Noble boke off cookry ffor a prynce houssolde or eny other estately houssolde' (Noble Boke 1480);

To mak Busbayne take mary and capons and other good flesshe and put it in a pot and chop chekins in peces and erbes hole clowes maces and pouder of pepper and sot them on the fyer and grind raw pork or vele with yolks of eggs and put ther to raissins of corane pouder and salt and saffron and mele them to gedure and when the potte boilethe put in the peletes like an hassille nott and cast them ther in boillinge and colour it with saffron put ther to parsly and other good erbes and boile it upe and put it to venyger and sesson it up with pouder and salt and serue it.

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