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Bacon and Beans

Pot Meals

Small reconstituted white dried beans in slightly sweetened tomato sauce, with chunks of bacon and sausage.

Bacon and beans is the first dish mentioned in the first English cook-book - Cury 1390 - though, of course, in a broth, as the tomato did not come into use until the 1600's. Foods of England has the Full Text HERE...

Most of the nations of Europe have their bean stew. In Spain it is fabada, in France, cassoulet, there is jota in Croatia and in England it is Bacon and Beans, though it is a puzzle why the English, who buy enormous quantities of Beans with something in tins, so very, very, rarely make it at home.

Original Receipt in 'The Forme of Cury' by the Chief Master-Cook of King Richard II, c1390 (Cury 1390)

Take beans and dry them in a dryer or an oven and clean them well, and winnow out any husks, and wash them clean and set them to seethe in good broth and eat them with Bacon.

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