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Potwise or Potews

Pot Meals

Forcemeat cooked in a raw earthenware pot, the pot being broken open to access the food (Cury 1390, etc) cf. Appraylere.

Original Receipt from The Forme of Cury By the Chief Master-Cook of King Richard II, c1390 (Cury 1390)

Take Pottes of Erže lytell of half a quart and fyll hem full of fars of pomme dorryes [2]. ožer make with žyn honde. ožer in a moolde pottes of že self fars. put hem in water & seež hem up wel. and whan žey buth ynowz. breke že pottes of erže & do že fars on že spyt & rost hem wel. and whan žei buth yrosted. colour hem as pomme dorryes. make of litull prewes [3] gode past, frye hem ožer rost hem wel in grece. & make žerof Eerys [4] to pottes & colour it. and make rosys [5] of gode past, & frye hem, & put že steles [6] in že hole žer [7] že spyt was. & colour it with whyte. ožer rede. & serue it forth.

[1] Potews. probably from the pots employed. [2] pomme dorryes. Vide ad No. 174. [3] prewes. V. ad 176. [4] eerys. Ears for the pots. V. 185. [5] rosys. roses. [6] sleles. stalks. [7] žer. there, i.e. where. V. 170.

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