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Fruit Layer Pudding

Puddings and Sweet Deserts

Steamed pudding of layers of suet pastry (or old bread) with jam, fruit etc between.

Original Receipt from 'Croydon's Weekly Standard' - Saturday 17 January 1903

Layer Pudding : —lngredients: Suet crust, a pot of raspberry jam. Make a light suet crust, roll it out thin, and cut it in rounds the size of a cake-tin, in which latter the pudding will be boiled. Place a round of paste at the bottom of the tin and a strip round the sides, wetting the edges to make them adhere ; spread a layer of jam over the bottom cruet and then cover with a round of thin paste and then jam, and eo ca until the tin is full. Tie over with a floured cloth, and boil for three hours. If different 1 coloured jams are used for each layer, it makes the pudding a prettier one than if only one kind

Original Receipt from Birmingham Daily Gazette - Wednesday 14 March 1928

LAYER PUDDING. A Layer Pudding is a change from the ordinary suet pudding. Make a plain suet dough in the usual way and cut into five pieces, each larger than the last. Then grease a bowl and put a spoonful of jam or treacle or dates or sultanas in the bottom. Cover with a flat round to fit the bottom of the basin, then add another layer of your mixture, and so on, and finishing with a rather thicker layer of paste for the last. Steam or boil in the usual way, but you need not cook these more than an hour and half or two hours.

See also: Essex Meat Layer Pudding

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