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Buxton Pudding

Puddings and Sweet Deserts

A sweet, thickened egg confection of variable form, baked (sometimes in pastry) and served with fruit or jam. Compare with the nearby Bakewell Pudding

Buxton Pudding from www.thebuxtonpuddingemporium.co.uk/
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White 1932 gives a base of a dish covered in jam, the sides lined with shortcrust pastry, filled with a thickened (with flour or breadcrumbs) sugar, egg and butter mixture (sometimes with milk), baked.

Known at least since a record of a dinner given for the Mayor of Derby reported in 'The Derby Mercury' on Wednesday 4 November 1868 which included Mock Turtle Soup and Tipsy Cake as well as Buxton Pudding.

Original Receipt from 'The Dundee Courier' - Saturday 14 January 1939

Buxton Pudding
This is a lovely pudding for serving with any kind of stewed or tinned fruit, jam, thickened fruit juices, or any sweet sauce. Mix 2 oz. flour with 1 pint milk and boil till thick. Let it cool, then stir in 3 oz. butter, 6 oz. sugar, three well-beaten eggs, and the grated rind of one lemon. Pour into buttered dish, and bake for 2-hour a moderate oven.

Original Receipt from www.peaklandheritage.org.uk

Buxton Pudding
2 eggs
Match their weight in each of breadcrumbs, sugar and butter
An oven-proof dish

Cream the butter on its own then add the other ingredients including the beaten eggs. Put a layer of jam in the bottom of the dish. Line the sides with pastry and pour the mixture over the jam. Bake in a moderate oven.

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