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Lemon Dumplings
Puddings and Sweet Deserts

Breadcrumbs with suet, sugar, egg and lemon (rind and juice), boiled (Rundell 1807, Acton 1845, Mrs.B, etc).

Original Receipt in 'A New System Of Domestic Cookery' by 'A Lady' (Mrs. Maria Eliza Ketelby Rundell) (Rundell 1807);

A quarter of a pound of bread grated, the same quantity of sifted sugar, and of finely-chopped beef-suet, one lemon, the juice to be mixed with the sugar, and the rind cut small or grated, and one egg; mix all together, make them into dumplings, boil them twenty minutes, and serve with wine sauce.

Original Receipt from 'Wells Journal' - Thursday 16 October 1890

LEMON DUMPLINGS.- Take half-a-pound of grated bread, half-a-pound of suet, six ounces of sugar, two eggs, and the peel large lemon chopped fine. Add the juice, and if not moist enough, a little water. Make it up into six or eight dumplings, and boil them three-quarters-of-an-hour.

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