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Cambridge Pudding


Dough of flour or crumb with chopped dried fruit (dates, currants) suet, cream, rosewater, yeast and egg. Made in two rounds, butter between and the two sealed together. Baked or steamed. Served with wine sauce of Sack, butter and sugar (Wooley 1672, Murrell 1615, etc)

Original Receipt in 'The Queene-Like Closet' (1672) by Hannah Woolley (Wooley 1672)

175. To make a Cambridge-Pudding. Take grated bread searced through a Cullender, then mix it with fine Flower, minced Dates, Currans, beaten Spice, Suet shred small, a little salt, sugar and rosewater, warm Cream and Eggs, with half their Whites; mould all these together with a little Yest, and make it up into a Loaf, but when you have made it in two parts, ready to clap together, make a deep hole in the one, and put in butter, then clap on the other, and close it well together, then butter a Cloth and tie it up hard, and put it into water which boiles apace, then serve it in with Sack, Butter and Sugar.
You may bake it if you please in a baking-pan.

Not the same dish as: Duke of Cambridge Pudding

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