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Summer Pudding

Puddings and Sweet Deserts

Bowl lined with old bread slices, filled up with stewed summer fruits (blackberry, raspberry, strawberry etc.) in syrup, topped with juice-soaked bread. Pressed and chilled. Turned-out and served with cream.

Summer Pudding
Image: Unknown

Original Receipt in the 'Burnley Express' - Saturday 10 June 1893

Here is good recipe for summer pudding : - Line a basin with bread cut into neat pieces, taking care they fit closely. Fill with raspberries aud red currants; sweeten, cover the top carefully with thin slices of bread, tie a floured cloth over and steam (not boil) for one and a quarter hour. Whip the whites of three eggs to stiff froth; mix with tablespoonfuls of castor sugar and little lemon-juice, and pour over the pudding when dished.

Original Receipt in the 'Blackburn Standard' - Saturday 01 July 1893

An easy, economical and altogether delightful way of making a good summer pudding is to line a basin or an earthenware mould with moderately thick slices of bread and butter, fitting them in as neatly as possible. Then fill up the mould rather tightly with alternate layers of thin slices of bread and butter and any stewed fruit yon may chance to have at hand. Cover with a slice of bread and butter and put aside till next day. Turn on to a glass dish and serve cold with whipped cream or milk. The bread should be thoroughly saturated with the fruit juice, and be of a pretty red colour.

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