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Emergency Pudding

Puddings and Sweet Deserts

Foods of England is here to re-discover the lost, not invent the new. But needs must, so, in this time of quarantine, let's rediscover one of the Great Glories of English food - puddings.

They're cheap, tasty and interesting. And you'll be helping revive The Lost Foods of England

Bachelor's pudding
Image: James Petts from London

Our foremother's boiled puddings for hours. But we have microwave cookers. So here's the world's simplest, fastest, suet pudding...

A Foods of England Original Receipt
Emergency Suet Sponge Pudding

100g Self-raising flour
100g liquid
50g suet
50g sugar

Mix it all up.
Add your choice of 392 different traditional pudding bits from Foods of England Puddings, such as:
Brown George - ginger and golden syrup
Hunter's Pudding - Candied peel, lemon and almond
Omnibus Pudding - Raisins, treacle and grated carrot
Sir Robert Walpole's - Currants, orange, citron, cinnamon, sugar
Sticky Toffee - Chopped dates and vanilla
Windsor Suet Sponge - Chopped apple, lemon and nutmeg

...pour it into a greased pudding basin and microwave 5 minutes. Wait a couple of minutes for it to set, then serve with the correct accompaniment, such as Traditional 'Pudding Sauce'Beer Brown SauceDownton SauceOld Fashioned Butter SaucePunch SauceCustardJam SauceSticky Toffee Sauce, or have a poke through our 1,480 references to different sauces

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