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Railway Pudding


A somewhat variable pudding generally based around a plain, sweet, raised batter, boiled or baked and spread (or filled) with a conserve or rich sauce.

The origin of the odd name is not known Can you help?

Original Receipt from 'The Godey's Lady's book receipts and household hints' by Sarah Annie Frost, 1870

Railway Pudding
Flour, suet, sugar, currants and raisins of each ten ounces, grated potatoes and carrots together ten ounces, one nutmeg and two ounces of candied orange peel, well mixed together and boiled for several hours. To be served with brandy sauce

Original Receipt from 'Western Gazette' - Friday 12 December 1902

RAILWAY PUDDING. -Take five ounces of flour and mix into it two and a-half ounces of clarified beef dripping and a teaspoonful of baking powder. Add two ounces of castor sugar, and an egg beaten in half a teacupful of milk. Set in a greased pie-dish and bake in a good steady oven. Before serving split, spread with marmalade, and press the two pieces lightly together.

Original Receipt from the Dover Express - Friday 26 April 1889

HOUSEHOLD HINTS. RAILWAY PUDDING. -One tablespoonful flour, one tablespoonful pounded sugar, one egg, one teaspoonful baking powder. Mix all these ingredients well together, then add a little milk, sufficient to make into a thick batter. Pour into a buttered flat tin, and bake ten minutes in a quick oven. When cooked, spread over it a layer preserve, and roll over three times while hot.- Gardening Illustrated.

Original Receipt from 'Old Sussex Recipes' - Rottingdean Lions 1982, Page 42, from Nellie Branch, Warnham 1867, (from "Nellie Branch manuscript") (with thanks to Linda Johnson)

1 ½ teacups flour
half cup milk
One teacup sugar
one egg
1 ½ teaspoons baking powder
a little butter

Rub the butter into the flour. Bake about 20 minutes in a good oven.

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