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Banana Custard


'Banana Custard' is now disk-sliced banana pieces in custard sauce, usually served hot.

Earlier versions were different...

Original Receipt in the 'Reform Cookery Book' (4th edition) by Mrs. Mill (Mill 1909)

Banana Custard.

Five or six bananas. Jam. Custard.
Peel the bananas, which must be sound and ripe; split lengthways. Spread each half with jam--apricot is very good; put halves together. Lay in glass dish and pour almond custard, or cocoanut cream custard, over.

Original Receipt in 'Lloyd's Weekly Newspaper' - Sunday 17 May 1896

Banana custard is an Oriental sweet dish of great delicacy. It is easy to make and inexpensive just now, as bananas are cheap. Mash to a pulp with a plated fork three nice ripe bananas. Beat to a froth three eggs, add the bananas, a pint of milk, some castor sugar, a few drops of Vanilla essence. Butter a fancy china mould or pudding basin, pour the custard in and steam. It is good eaten either hot or cold.

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