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Lord Barrington's Plum Pudding

Puddings and Sweet Deserts

Eggs, milk, breadcrumbs, small amount of flour, salt, sugar, suet, raisins and a few currants. Boiled (White 1932)

William, 2nd Viscount Barrington 1717-1793
Secretary at War during the American War of Independence.

The name may be a joke from the remark recorded in the diaries of Thomas Hutchinson for 28 November 1774; "Lord Barrington ... answered, (when they were at dinner,) that he could compare the State to a great plum-pudding, which he was so fond of that he would never quarrel with it, but should be for taking a slice as long as there was any left."

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Lord Barrington's Plum Pudding(1860)


Eggs 3
Milk 1/4 pint
breadcrumbs - one cup
flour - a large tablespoon
a pinch of salt
sugar - one ounce
suet - 3/4 pound
raisins - half a pound
currant - just a few
if spice is liked a little grated nutmeg may be added

Boil for four hours

Beat the eggs and milk well together, add the breadcrumbs, flour and salt
and one ounce of sugar. Mix well.
Cut the suet and stir it in
stir in the raisins and the currants
when all are mixed together, tie in a cloth and boil for 4 hours

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