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Chester Steamed Pudding


The name 'Chester Pudding' has occasionally been applied to a number of different steamed sponge puddings, including those given here, though the Lemon Tart version (see: Chester Pudding) is far more widely known.

Original Receipt from the 'Newcastle Journal' - Monday 11 October 1915

Ingredients: Three-quarters of a pound of butter or any substitute, such as margarine, one egg, three ounces of caster sugar, half pound of flour, three-quarters of a teacupful of golden syrup, a teaspoon of new ground ginger, a spoonful of baking-powder, and a little milk.

Method: Beat the butter and sugar to a cream, then beat in the egg, add the syrup, then flour, ginger, and baking-powder, with enough milk to form a soft consistency. After buttering pudding-basin pour the mixture into it, leaving room for the puling to rise. Twist a piece off greased paper over the top, and steam for two hours and a half. Turn out, dust with sugar and serve.

Original Receipt from 'Whitby Gazette' - Friday 08 November 1918

Chester Pudding.

Ingredients.- 1 gill milk, 1 gill water, 2 oz. sago, 1 oz. margarine, 1 oz. sugar, strip of lemon rind, 1 oz. stale cake or biscuit crumbs, 1 dried egg. pinch of salt.
Method. -Bring the milk and water to the boil, and when boiling stir the sago. which should be soaked overnight. Cook until the sago is clear, then stir in the crumbs. lemon rind, margarine and salt. Beat up the egg. which should have been prepared as directed, and stir into the other ingredients, which should be cool, or the egg will curdle, pour into a greased mould and steam for two hours. Serve hot with fruit syrup or treacle.

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