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Savoury Herbs


Parsley, bay, thyme, rosemary.

For information about the traditional uses of herbs, try: 'Acetaria: A Discourse of Sallets' by John Evelyn (Evelyn 1699)

For some receipts using savoury herbs, see:
Alexander (herb)
Alnwick Stew
Anchovy Toast
Ashdown Partridge Pudding
Asparagus Peas
Asparagus Sauce
Barley Cream Soup
Barley Soup
Bean and Bacon Soup
Beef and Veal Sausages
Beef Cecils
Beef Rissoles
Beef Rolls (1)
Belvoir Crumpets
Berkshire Hog
Black Butter
Black Pudding Sausage
Blackbird Pie
Boiled Bacon
Boiled Calf's Feet and Parsley
Boiled Fowl and Rice
Brain Cake
Brains and Bacon
Bread Pudding
Breslaw of Beef
Broad Bean Pudding or Windsor Bean Pudding
Brown Rabbit Soup
Brown Windsor Soup
Buckinghamshire Dumpling
Burlington Whimsey
Burnley Broth
Butter Sauce
Buttered Parsnips
Calf's Chaldron Pudding
Calf's Head
Cambridge Sauce
Caudle Chicken Pie
Cheese and Onion Soup
Chervil Sauce
Chicken and Ham Pie
Chicken Batter Pudding
Chicken Pie
Cockle Soup
Cod in Butter Sauce
Cod Sounds
Collared Eels
Cornish Eels
Countess Morphy's Croquettes
Cowheel Broth
Cowheel in Green Sauce
Cream of Lentil Soup
Cream of Potato Soup
Cream of Spinach Soup
Creamed Sweetbreads
Cumberland Pie
Curry Sauce - Chip Shop Style
Devilled Mushrooms
Devizes Pie
Devonshire Mullet Pie
Devonshire Scallops
Dock Pudding
Dressmaker Tripe
Duck and Peas
Duke of York's Sauce
English Potage
Essex Pea Soup
Exeter Stew
Fish and Chips
Fish and Oyster Pie
Fish Cakes
Fish Fingers
Fish Loaf
Fish Pie
Fish Pudding
Fish Soup
Fricat of Calves Chaldrons
Fried Beetroot
Fried Greens
Fried Ox-Feet
Fried Oysters
Fried Parsley
Gloucester Cheese Stew
Goodwood Herrings
Green Butter
Green Pea and Cucumber Soup
Green Sauce
Greenwich Souchy
Hampshire Cod
Hare Pie
Hen with Oysters
Henry VIII's Rabbit Sauce
Herb Dumplings
Herb Pie
Herbolade or Erbolat
Hereford Beef Olives
Hereford Meatballs
Hodge Podge or Hotchepot
Jellied Eels
Jubilee Chicken
Jugged Steak
Kew Mince, or Haggis Royal
Kidney and Sausage Pot
Lady Monmouth's Capon
Lamb and Barley Stew
Lamb Cutlets Reform
Lamb in Cream
Lamb with Caper Sauce
Lamb's Tail Pie
Lancashire Liver and Bacon
Lancaster Stew
Lark Pie
Leek and Cabbage Soup
Lemon, Parsley and Thyme Stuffing
Lentil Soup
Lindisfarne Chicken
Liver and Bacon
Liver And Herbs
Liver and Parsley Sauce
Lord Lumley's Pease-Porage
Lord Mayor's Soup
Lyme Bay Fish Pie
Magdalen College Butter
Malmesbury Sausages
Marrow Toast Victoria
Meagre Soup
Meat Balls
Mussel and Cider Soup
Mussel and Onion
Mussels in Cream
Mutton Soup
My Lady of Monmouth's Capon
Needham Market Stuffing
Norfolk Fish Supper
Norfolk Stew with Green Dumplings
Oatmeal Blood Pudding
Oatmeal Potage with Herbs and Flowers
Oxford John Steaks
Oyster Forcemeat
Painswick Pork or Gammon
Parsley Butter
Parsley Cold Sauce
Parsley Dumplings
Parsley Honey
Parsley Hot Sauce
Parsley Jelly
Parsley Soup
Parsnip Cakes
Partridge Pie
Pea Soup
Peas Pottage
Pie and Mash
Pigeon Pot
Poor Man's Sauce
Pork and Red Cabbage
Pork Cheese
Portmanteau Lamb Chops
Potage of Mutton and Veal
Potato and Onion Soup
Potato Soup
Potted Beef
Pulborough Eels
Pumpion Pye
Queen Anne's Broth
Rabbit Fricacie
Rabbit Pie
Richmond Eel
Roast Hare
Rowan Jelly
Royal Velvet Chicken Soup
Sage and Apple Jelly
Salmon Pie
Sauce Madame
Sausages of Fish
Savoury Herbs
Sedgemoor Eel Stew
Sheep's Ears
Shropshire Faggots
Shropshire Herb Roll
Snail with Herbs
Sole Edward VII
Soles in Coffins
Somerset Chicken
Somerset Fish Pot
Soused Mackerel
Spare Rib Pie
Stuffed Chine
Suffolk Fish Pie
Suffolk Spinach Soup
Tartare (or Tartar) Sauce
Teddy Soup
The Shropshire and Worcestershire Dish
Tripe and Onions
Tripe of Eggs
Ugley Duckling
Veal and Parsley Pie
Veal Cake
Vegetable Pie
Vegetable Porridge
Vegetable Soup
Viper Soup
Wallfish or Mendip Wallfish
Warwickshire Stew
White Windsor Soup
Wiltshire Pork Pie
Wiltshire Porkies
Windsor Beans
Windsor Carrots
Windsor Pie
Woolton Pie
Worcester Lampreys
Wow-Wow sauce

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